• 2010-04-26

    Saber ShadowKitten的翻译授权许可信 - [翻译授权许可信]


    Hi. Feel free to translate them. I'm glad you liked them so much!


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     Dear Saber ShadowKitten,

    I read your Harry Potter stories from  http://www.fanfiction.net/u/714729/Saber_ShadowKitten , and I love them  very much. Thank you for writing the lovely stories!

     I love the Draco and Harry you have written. They are always witty, childish and very very charming. I love the flowers they sent to each other in the <Above Average>, it’s smart and very wonderful, made me blurted out ‘Woow~Lovely~’ I love the holding hands at <Holding Hands With The Enemy. I thought Draco was awake when Harry first grasped his hand, and was too stun to do anything.Hmmm, after reading <Twitch>,I only had an idea that the word ‘twitch’ is subtle.Yeah, too subtle to describe my feeling. Draco Malfoy and the Tome of Entrapment>, I think I would read over it, too quick to recall the touching me plots, but I remember the soft emtion washing me away when Draco realized he had falled in love with Harry. So tender.

     I love them very very much that I would like to ask you for a favor. I’m from China. And a lot of people here are also quite interested in this fandom. I really want to share your stories with them, so would you mind  if I translate ABOVE AVERAGE, HOLDING HANDS WITH THE ENEMY, TWITCH and

     I will put the translated version on a Chinese site, and of course,no  money will be made from it. Anyway, if the people who *wrote* these stories did it just for fun, those who translate them would just follow suit. Please let me know if it is okay.

    Thank you again, and waiting for your reply!

     sunny L